By Ruben Fleischer

  • Genre: Action & Adventure
  • Release Date: 2018-10-03
  • Advisory Rating: PG-13
  • Runtime: 1h 52min
  • Director: Ruben Fleischer
  • Production Company: Avi Arad Productions
  • Production Country: China, United States of America
From 4,462 Ratings


Tom Hardy stars as the lethal protector and anti-hero Venom - one of Marvel’s most enigmatic and complex characters.


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  • Love it.

    By jdizzle166
    [SPOILER FREE]I wasn’t expecting it to be this good. I saw the trailer and thought it looked scary. But the movie has humor and I love it. Venom is great. Highly recommended.
  • What. The. Hell.

    By Schmiddy415
    I think Venom was supposed to be a kid's movie, but it failed to achieve even that. Great cast, terrible movie. I feel dumber having watched it.
  • So Bad It’s Good

    By Jason Cragun
    I’ll be brutally honest here: this movie is garbage, pure and simple. And I get lots of hate for calling this movie bad. But I can understand why people would like it. It has tons of action and tons of great humor. You could tell that Tom Hardy was just having a blast filming this. I could tell he was. I could also tell that Sony made this knowing they would automatically make a lot of money. So they hardly tried to make it good. But other than the messy editing, chaotic fight scenes, and hilariously boring villain, this movie was just so entertainingly bad that I want to watch it over and over again. As an entertaining watch to sit through, yeah, it’s enjoyable. But as a solid film, this isn’t good at all. My grade for this film is a D-
  • Entertaining

    By boriqunique
    Very entertaining. From what the experts were saying I thought this was going to be a train wreck but it really wasn’t. The plot was rushed a bit but still worth it.
  • Loved it!

    By Snickers3285
    It had some funny spots our family really enjoyed. Would love to see a second one.
  • Hilarious

    By Chance3375
    Great performances, great dialogue. Venom is hilarious!
  • Rotten Tomatoes is Rotten

    By ErnieG87
    This movie was great! I loved the relationships amongst all the characters. Action was great. Comedy was great. Looking forward to sequel. Rewatch value is very high!
  • !!!

    By dobry l
    I think that this was a great movie! To all critical reviews: what was your problem? The male protagonist showing emotion? Asking for help? It was amazing and even if you think it’s not as good as the comics on its own it was a really good movie
  • Excellent movie

    By pokemonkiller111111
  • Action-pack and hilarious

    By Mr_Dweller
    I watched this movie thinking “oh the reviews are bad I wonder how bad it really is.” well it’s not, it’s a fantastic movie with great detail and overall not a bad story, it’s funny, full of action and very very flexible when it comes to the PG-13 rating. I am very pleased with this movie and rotten tomatoes should really re think it’s judgement, therefore it receives five stars.