The Orville, Season 1

The Orville, Season 1

The Orville

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2017-09-10
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 13
From 269 Ratings


From executive producer and creator Seth MacFarlane (FAMILY GUY, “Ted”), THE ORVILLE is a new space adventure series set 400 years in the future that follows a mid-level exploratory spaceship, with MacFarlane as the ship’s Captain.


Title Time Speed
1 Old Wounds 45:06 50,647 KB/Sec Download
2 Command Performance 43:58 35,216 KB/Sec Download
3 About a Girl 44:04 46,665 KB/Sec Download
4 If the Stars Should Appear 42:47 35,308 KB/Sec Download
5 Pria 43:57 22,937 KB/Sec Download
6 Krill 43:58 28,747 KB/Sec Download
7 Majority Rule 43:59 23,418 KB/Sec Download
8 Into the Fold 44:01 44,133 KB/Sec Download
9 Cupid's Dagger 43:58 29,526 KB/Sec Download
10 Firestorm 42:59 40,904 KB/Sec Download
11 New Dimensions 43:43 23,720 KB/Sec Download
12 Mad Idolatry 43:41 35,137 KB/Sec Download
13 The Orville Comic Con 03:03 22,823 KB/Sec Download



  • Please Let There Be More

    By xarathosTheReaper
    This looked good in the previews and ended up being better than I expected. I really hope there's more coming. The humor is top notch, the plots feel like Star Trek more than any of the current Trek reboots do, and it's just... it's just GOOD. And I can sit through four episodes in a row without feeling worse for the experience.
  • Orville

    By White Dragon3
    I watched this via free TV. Just buy an antenna connect it to your TV. Auto tune of TV locates all channels free to everyone. Amazing people in this generation think they have to pay for tv when it is mandatory by the government to be free. If you are only using cable/dish tv you are missing local news an more important you miss the local emergency broadcasts! You also miss local commercials telling you where the sales are at. No wonder companies going out of business they are paying for commercials but very few people are seeing those commercials. When is the last time you saw a trailer for a movie playing at your local theater? Probably not in two decades! It should be mandatory for cable/dish tv service providers to provide those local emergency channels for free. I discovered my locals blocked by dish service provider even when i was paying extra money for the local channels. So years ago i cut the tv bill by dropping tv. I did buy a antenna i have many channels available including fox where Orville was free.
  • What happend where did this awesome show go?

    By Been Crushing
    I was enjoying this show and it went off air... what the hell.
  • Hilarious with deep storylines

    By k.kiffmanntkd
    McFarlane must be a serious Roddenberry apprentice. Not only does he provide high quality special effects, but he delivers a brilliant storyline--one that urges the viewer to relate it with today's society. The hilariously warped humor places it within the Guardians of the Galaxy genre, but with much more Trekkie appeal. And this Trekkie gives the show two thumbs up. The episode on the planet run by social media is a good example--warped, hilarious but a true account of how screwed up our society is right now and where it's headed. Roddenberry warned his fans about future social/technological challenges, and now Mcfarlanes doing the same thing. Unfortunately, that part blows right by the average human. McFarlane is a modern day philosophical genius of human cognition.
  • Up vote

    By C_Fitch
    Anyone adding down votes to this feed doesn’t watch family guy. It’s like Star Trek and Family Guy had a love child.
  • Warning: contains ads

    By wumpus17
    The first two (at least) shows start with ads...for the show! well as something else not memorable (I've forgotten what). This is not acceptable when you're already buying the show and is what the star rating is for. The show itself is light and enjoyable. If you want dark, brooding, everything is falling apart...skip this show. If you want 40 minutes of light entertainment, this show is great.
  • Amazing show.

    By neooblivion
    This show is basically Star Trek TNG with a good sense of humor. I was a little skeptical at first thinking the comedy was going to be random like Family Guy. But Seth MacFarlane does a great job incorporating jokes and satire into the flow of the conversation and overall plot. The episodes have real and well written plots that cover modern day social issues in a realistic and logical approach while adding a touch of sarcasm and comedic cynicism to make the topics less volatile and more enjoyable. Seth MacFarlane has made an excellent show that I’m looking forward to watching for at least ten seasons.
  • The Orville = THE BEST SHOW EVER!

    By The Count of Monte Cristo
    This show is my favorite show*. I know I am being a bit technical and very long-winded in my review but what the heck! I truly hope that Seth has Neil deGrasse Tyson on at least one episode in the second season! *Actually StarTalk is tied with The Orville as my favorite. 🤪 I also hope Bill Nye, Chuck Nice, and Billy Shatner could also be a guest on this show! If alive Carl Sagan and Leonard Nimoy would love this show! My primary wish would be to have EVERY CARBON-BASED BEING ON THIS PLANET TO PLEASE WATCH THIS SHOW! If the Silicon-based Horta was here on earth I make the same wish as well. Y’all Need Science! Please “Make America Smart Again” by watching The Orville and StarTalk! Good job Seth!!! Peace! ☮️
  • Oreville

    By ninuvin
    Best show ever just love it
  • Expected to hate it, but no. Love it.

    By arjuna808
    I’m not generally a fan of Seth McFarlane-style humor, so I almost didn’t watch this show. I’m very glad I was bored one night and gave it a try. While I could still do without some of the d**k jokes, those sort of subside after a few episodes, and the show is more dramatic and thoughtful than a mere Galaxy Quest-inspired sci-fi comedy show, which is how it was marketed. I love the show’s optimism and good-hearted spirit. We need a lot more of that, and The Orville does a great job at it. Just dial back a tad on the teen boy humor for Season 2, will you please Mr. McFarlane? P.S. I have no idea why critics didn’t like this show. Usually they at least have a point, but in this case no. They totally didn’t get it.