Peanuts by Schulz: The Complete Collection

Peanuts by Schulz: The Complete Collection

Peanuts By Schulz

  • Genre: Animation
  • Release Date: 2017-09-04
  • Episodes: 104


Experience Peanuts like never before as Charles Schulz’s timeless strips are brought to life in this all-new animated collection.


Title Time Speed
1 Train Your Dog 07:35 48,683 KB/Sec Download
2 A Little Nap 07:18 43,330 KB/Sec Download
3 Telling Stories 07:31 24,109 KB/Sec Download
4 Nobody Likes Me 07:32 43,985 KB/Sec Download
5 Amateurs 07:22 37,775 KB/Sec Download
6 Too Cold 07:22 38,828 KB/Sec Download
7 Crazy Mutt 06:29 45,730 KB/Sec Download
8 Have a Nice Day Linus 06:28 31,624 KB/Sec Download
9 A Pretty Picture 07:43 28,486 KB/Sec Download
10 Word of Mouth 07:13 45,605 KB/Sec Download
11 The School of Hard Knocks 07:35 44,319 KB/Sec Download
12 School Anxiety 07:09 46,196 KB/Sec Download
13 Snoopy the Superstar 07:35 37,685 KB/Sec Download
14 Show Dog 07:38 45,584 KB/Sec Download
15 Doing It Right 07:47 23,819 KB/Sec Download
16 Tennis 08:30 34,120 KB/Sec Download
17 Leave Me in Peace 07:22 33,311 KB/Sec Download
18 The Last of the Bunch 07:25 28,643 KB/Sec Download
19 Good Dog 06:51 27,132 KB/Sec Download
20 Like Skates On Ice 08:09 38,826 KB/Sec Download
21 It's Raining, It's Pouring! 06:53 44,257 KB/Sec Download
22 Philosophy 07:20 39,652 KB/Sec Download
23 Even-ing the Score 07:51 47,974 KB/Sec Download
24 Beauty Contest 07:21 26,242 KB/Sec Download
25 School Chums 07:08 32,129 KB/Sec Download
26 Black and White 07:22 42,266 KB/Sec Download
27 A New Best Friend 07:56 28,629 KB/Sec Download
28 Woodstock 07:28 29,861 KB/Sec Download
29 True or False 07:32 27,200 KB/Sec Download
30 Come On Snoopy! 07:31 31,408 KB/Sec Download
31 The Little Red-Haired Girl 06:15 48,861 KB/Sec Download
32 A Day with Snoopy 07:41 31,424 KB/Sec Download
33 Don’t Worry Charlie Brown 07:20 22,680 KB/Sec Download
34 Sound & Sensibility 07:25 49,393 KB/Sec Download
35 Technical Difficulties 07:59 41,597 KB/Sec Download
36 Frieda 07:40 24,522 KB/Sec Download
37 Good Sports 07:48 42,775 KB/Sec Download
38 The Mysteries of Love 07:44 22,643 KB/Sec Download
39 School Is Out! 07:55 42,351 KB/Sec Download
40 Being Nice 07:37 43,211 KB/Sec Download
41 Miss Othmar 06:04 29,534 KB/Sec Download
42 My Blanket! 07:24 29,629 KB/Sec Download
43 Novel Idea 07:09 22,640 KB/Sec Download
44 No Strings Attached 06:49 33,379 KB/Sec Download
45 The Eye of the Beholder 07:42 42,837 KB/Sec Download
46 A Friend Indeed 07:25 40,662 KB/Sec Download
47 A Strong Personality 07:42 40,117 KB/Sec Download
48 Back to School 08:08 50,771 KB/Sec Download
49 Go to School! 07:23 40,954 KB/Sec Download
50 Go for It Charlie Brown! 07:06 22,412 KB/Sec Download



  • Faithful to the original videos and comic strip

    By cghalpin
    If you know the style of the old movies, these will look familiar. They are not “modern”, but they are slightly “modernized”. Also, someone mentioned they were only about 1 minute long. This is not true. They are all about 7-8 minutes, that’s over 12 hours total. If you’re only seeing one minute, you’re watching the free preview.
  • A New Series that is Faithful to the Comics

    By Justin Owades
    The people who wrote bad reviews did not understand what this is before they bought it. This is NOT a collection of the classic TV specials like "A Charlie Brown Christmas" or "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown." This is a NEW series by Dall'Angelo Pictures and Normaal Animation, each episode is 7-8 minutes long, and this collection has 104 episodes, so for me, that's a good value. I am a lifelong fan of the comic strips, and I feel this is the first animated adaptation that has truly captured the spirit of the comics. Check out the preview before you buy though to make sure you like how it looks. Enjoy! And GOOD GRIEF! :D
  • Faithful adaptation

    By lemonice74
    Such a lovely tribute to the strips. People who are complaining should have read the description first.

    By Frankie Bonsignore, Jr.
    As an enormous fan of Peanuts since childhood, I was overjoyed when I first saw The Peanuts Movie in 2015. I saw it as proof that the franchise was still capable of putting out amazing things if enough effort was put in, even after over 65 years. But... this??? THIS thing????? This is wrong. First of all, the animation in this series is ATROCIOUS! Charlie Brown and the rest of the Peanuts gang look like watered-down PBS Kids versions of themselves. And it’s kinda sad, considering how cool the characters looked in the computer-animated Peanuts Movie. Now, some years later, THIS is what we get?? Second, the voice acting is no better. The kids don’t sound like they’re putting any effort into the characters voices. When Charlie Brown can be heard uttering his classic dialogue, he just doesn’t sound like himself. It all feels forced. As for the dialogue, all I can say is AAAUUUGH!!!!! Most of it seems like it was lazily taken from the strips without changing things up at all. I mean, I get that they want to stay true to Sparky’s work and honor the source material, but can they do ANYTHING ELSE besides copy the strips?? All in all, the best way I can describe this series is uncreative, boring and lazy. As a franchise that’s still going strong, even after all these years, it can be SO much better than this. I know what it’s capable of. There’s so much potential with a classic brand like Peanuts, but has it all gone to waste? I hope and pray that it only gets better from here...
  • Don't make a mistake.

    By Sue Baker
    This IS Peanuts all right, but nothing else is as advertised. Each one is about a minute long, not 7 minutes. Not even in the ballpark. It of course then is also not all of the Peanuts shows. It includes none of the usual Peanuts videos at all. These are, I think, some somewhat animated newspaper Peanuts. In this format, their being Peanuts also isn't so great because of the shortness. If you blink a few times it is gone. Huge charge for such scanty content.
  • won't

    By Ryan amazing
    Won't waste the money!!