Berserk, Season 1

Berserk, Season 1


  • Genre: Animation
  • Release Date: 2016-07-01
  • Advisory Rating: TV-MA
  • Episodes: 12


Peer into the dark once more—the Black Swordsman roars again! Branded for death and hunted by demons forevermore, Guts embarks on a journey to escape his fate and get his revenge on the man he once considered a friend. With his monstrous blade, Dragonslayer, he and a band of unlikely allies will face danger unlike any they’ve ever experienced before. The answers he seeks lie shrouded in the night.


Title Time Speed
1 The Dragonslayer 25:32 25,411 KB/Sec Download
2 The Holy Iron Chain Knights 25:32 36,206 KB/Sec Download
3 Night of Miracles 25:35 34,796 KB/Sec Download
4 Epiphany 25:32 40,789 KB/Sec Download
5 Tower of Conviction 25:32 44,907 KB/Sec Download
6 A Nighttime Feast: Burning at the Stake 25:35 50,413 KB/Sec Download
7 The Black Witch 25:32 45,521 KB/Sec Download
8 Reunion in the Den of Evil 25:32 25,113 KB/Sec Download
9 Blood Flow of the Dead 25:35 45,471 KB/Sec Download
10 Hell's Angels 25:32 50,459 KB/Sec Download
11 Shadows of Ideas 25:32 39,689 KB/Sec Download
12 Those Who Cling, Those Who Struggle 25:04 21,893 KB/Sec Download



  • This is pretty good.

    By UCAV B
    This is pretty good. I have been reading the manga for a decade, and watched the old episodes they made in the 90s and the and the Golden Arc series in 2012-2013. This up there with all of them and it trys to stay true to the manga.
  • Just....No

    By Sokka2Me
    Not only is this a betrayal of the art style and storytelling of Kentaro Miura, but they didn’t even bother hiring the original cast and director...when they did it for the movies!! Save your money and go buy the manga or Golden Age Movies.
  • Finally!!!!

    By Captain Kenway
    Best anime ever! Please bring us the original episodes too!
  • Simply Amazing

    By D_Storm22
    Simply Amazing