Fear the Walking Dead, Season 4

Fear the Walking Dead, Season 4

Fear the Walking Dead

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2018-04-15
  • Advisory Rating: TV-MA
  • Episodes: 31
From 830 Ratings


The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead worlds collide as Morgan Jones crosses into the new world of fear for an all-new adventure with Madison Clark and her family featuring new characters, foes, threats and everything in between.


Title Time Speed
1 What's Your Story? 49:11 45,842 KB/Sec Download
2 Inside Fear the Walking Dead: Episode 40 03:06 37,843 KB/Sec Download
3 Another Day in the Diamond 43:45 26,967 KB/Sec Download
4 Inside Fear the Walking Dead: Episode 40 03:36 36,156 KB/Sec Download
5 Good Out Here 45:11 36,187 KB/Sec Download
6 Inside Fear the Walking Dead: Episode 40 06:23 46,596 KB/Sec Download
7 Buried 46:32 31,719 KB/Sec Download
8 Inside Fear the Walking Dead: Episode 40 03:26 33,729 KB/Sec Download
9 Laura 46:06 29,406 KB/Sec Download
10 Inside Fear the Walking Dead: Episode 40 04:02 37,468 KB/Sec Download
11 Just in Case 44:29 22,869 KB/Sec Download
12 Inside Fear the Walking Dead: Episode 40 04:05 48,589 KB/Sec Download
13 The Wrong Side of Where You Are Now 42:26 31,206 KB/Sec Download
14 Inside Fear the Walking Dead: Episode 40 03:38 24,796 KB/Sec Download
15 No One's Gone 46:00 29,434 KB/Sec Download
16 Inside Fear the Walking Dead: Episode 40 04:11 32,192 KB/Sec Download
17 People Like Us 44:12 26,955 KB/Sec Download
18 Inside Fear the Walking Dead: Episode 40 04:49 48,463 KB/Sec Download
19 Close Your Eyes 46:47 48,519 KB/Sec Download
20 Inside Fear the Walking Dead: Episode 41 05:00 34,498 KB/Sec Download
21 The Code 46:21 37,381 KB/Sec Download
22 Inside Fear the Walking Dead: Episode 41 03:52 50,949 KB/Sec Download
23 Weak 43:27 20,495 KB/Sec Download
24 Inside Fear the Walking Dead: Episode 41 04:12 39,365 KB/Sec Download
25 Blackjack 44:39 44,278 KB/Sec Download
26 Inside Fear the Walking Dead: Episode 41 04:00 41,864 KB/Sec Download
27 MM 54 43:41 21,666 KB/Sec Download
28 Inside Fear the Walking Dead: Episode 41 03:48 32,481 KB/Sec Download
29 I Lose People... 44:45 43,596 KB/Sec Download
30 Inside Fear the Walking Dead: Episode 41 03:14 26,137 KB/Sec Download
31 Fear the Walking Dead: After the Fall 01:02 48,631 KB/Sec Download




    By AA-ron Hinojosa 😂
    TWD finally ties in with FTWD Morgan was the cross over from Virginia to Texas and they filmed it in Austin Tx just 2 hours away from where I live!! And the cool part is that my friend was in the show I think a zombie 🧟‍♂️ wonder who’s the next cross over to TWD but don’t know when It will happen cuz FTWD is gonna get a season 5 so maybe but till season 10 of TWD the cross over will happen and FTWD will be over. Not sure 🤔
  • ahtmospheric

    By Dudeman6996
    im suprised by the negative reviews... this season is quite decent, its ahtmospheric and actually for once in the series delves semi deep into chractor develtopment... the charectors evolve and so does the story, i enjoy this specific season in the walking dead universe quite a lot ... also to be honest if ur just getting into the series, you dont even have to watch anything from "the walking dead" or other seasons from "fear the walking dead" this is a pretty great season to start with and then move to "the walking dead" if you enjoy it
  • Beyond bad

    By Drunken Chicken
    FTWD was a very promising show. Great to see how things started but then some mediocre exec probably made the decision to do exactly the same as TWD and POOF, the whole show went down the drain with the worst written series in TV history.
  • Great story-telling and characters

    By Guy_in_California
    In many ways, this spinoff is more interesting than the original TWD series. I especially like the fact that it shows how people dealt with the zombie apocalypse from the very beginning, just as things started to break down. And it takes place on the west coast.
  • Let’s Talk About Season Four...

    By notchrislong
    By FAR the best season of this show, that was in desperate need of a reboot. Switching time and location certainly provided the well needed reboot. Love the potential this story has!!!
  • Walking Bored in Fear

    By mr.ouija99
    This show was my favorite due to its paced plot progression. Now it has become like that of The Walking Dead: snail paced plot progression and confusing flip flopping. Pretty much walking slowly in flip flops like The Walking Dead.
  • Spoiler Alert,,,,,,,,,,,,,, don’t read if you haven’t watched episode 6

    By pugluv2001
    X X X X X X X X X X X Was really starting to like this series after season three and season four but I just can’t for the life of me figure out how they can kill off the main character....ugh! How in the world do you kill off Madison! That’s it......I stopped watching literally right at the moment they killed her off and that will be able last time I watch this show...wow! Way to ruin the show!
  • so consistently poor in every regard

    By iNukes
    Persistent hack writing, incompetent cinematography, and self-indulgent acting pose as high art—but what else would we expect in a time when comic books pose as "graphic novels"? Our last hope? —an episode in which the zombies devour the writers, camera crew, and cast.
  • Really Bad

    By MusicFreak82
    I just removed from my dvr, I tried really hard to give it a chance but I've had it. I will probably also end up not DVR the walking dead, these writers,producers and directors have lost their mind, they have a great opportunity but waste it by producing a choppy show that is all over the place from start to beginning. Why can't you show what happens in sequential order without all the flashbacks, forward, flashback again, forward, another flashback? I'm done!!!!
  • Much Improved

    By ChrisTechSmith
    All the changes this season have resulted in a significant improvement in the story and the acting. This show now feels more like the original, and the new characters and storylines have really hooked me. Well done!