Animal Kingdom, Season 3

Animal Kingdom, Season 3

Animal Kingdom

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2018-05-29
  • Episodes: 14
From 112 Ratings


The infamous Cody crime family is back for a third season, after last season’s shocking cliffhanger in which Baz (Scott Speedman) was shot while on his way to Mexico after framing Smurf (Ellen Barkin) for murder. Season Three of Animal Kingdom opens with Smurf in jail and her grandson, J (Finn Cole) in charge of the family business. Although the Cody men find themselves increasingly divided as they fight for both control and their independence, they have to come together when outside threats emerge.


Title Time Speed
1 The Killing 45:47 38,170 KB/Sec Download
2 In the Red 45:53 26,436 KB/Sec Download
3 The Center Will Hold 45:48 30,660 KB/Sec Download
4 Wolves 45:56 46,780 KB/Sec Download
5 Prey 46:06 42,131 KB/Sec Download
6 Broke From the Box 45:48 21,602 KB/Sec Download
7 Low Man 46:04 50,563 KB/Sec Download
8 Incoming 45:30 43,226 KB/Sec Download
9 Libertad 45:58 42,656 KB/Sec Download
10 Off the Tit 44:45 39,478 KB/Sec Download
11 Jackpot 45:40 27,653 KB/Sec Download
12 Homecoming 45:44 36,694 KB/Sec Download
13 The Hyenas 46:02 44,500 KB/Sec Download
14 Animal Kingdom Season 3: Trailer 00:35 27,612 KB/Sec Download



  • flf plclptc

    By pptpfttttccptcpcflc
  • What am I missing?

    By joemd60
    I love this show, yet what happened to episodes 10,11,12,and 13?? I happened to see the show on TNT, it was episode 10 of season 3. That prompted me to look into what I was missing. I gave it 5 stars for the show, for its acting, non stop suspense to see what happens next. And the action, it’s a well played out series. But I am disappointed that the final 4 episodes are missing.
  • Great Show

    By Iminit death
    I’ve been watching since the beginning, a great show with a great cast and plot. The drama is interesting and the action is well paced. Not a show I can get bored of and each episode has a purpose unlike so many other shows out right now
  • Excellent Show, Tremendous Acting and Cast

    By Bifster13
    This show has been fascinating since the beginning. I was skeptical as I loved the Australian movie with Jackie Weaver. Ellen Barkin knocks it out of the park as does Scott Speedman. The whole cast is great and there is lots of room to grow, hope for many more seasons.
  • Modify Facetime

    By Brilliant Madness
    Love the show, but a few characters, especially Molly Gordon, are JV of the first order and difficult to watch. Many actors and actresses in the cast deserve more facetime.
  • Excellent

    By luchoagarcia
    Hope you don’t take this show away Excellent acting Excellent plot Just is taking a long time between seasons
  • Thanks for Season 3 - Warner Bros TV

    By Hey_Blondie!
    Another great crime-drama series from TNT- looking forward to the stories in Season 3, really liked S1and S2. Writers, casting, producers & all team are collaborating with cast for a favorite 5-star TV show. Highly recommend.