The Miniaturist, Season 1

The Miniaturist, Season 1

The Miniaturist

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2018-09-10
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 3
From 6 Ratings


A haunting, sumptuous period thriller based on the popular novel by Jessie Burton, The Miniaturist tells the story of a house where, beneath the lavish beauty and privilege, lie forbidden passions and dangerous secrets.


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  • Interesting Start

    By MikeH in Florida
    Where is episode 4? Did they stop? It seems a little strange to kill off two of the initial main characters and have the third chracter who is the title namesake move out of town after only 3 episodes. Either there is a bunch of exciting new adventures ahead or they ran out of budget to contnue the series.
  • Sadly awful and boring

    By PissedOff.
    I so wanted to like this but just pressed Pause becasue I couldnt bear it anymore. Sorry.
  • Season Pass Disappointment

    By Brian Skoog
    Where is Episode 2? It has been 5 days since it should have appeared!
  • WHERE IS EPISODE 2??!!!!!

    By Travisbrian85
    Love the show but I’m starting to get worried that it’s taken 4 extra days for the second episode to come out. I hope Apple didn’t forget about it. If so I want my money back!
  • Like a Beautiful Vermeer Painting

    By rainismoi
    It’s stunningly gorgeous to look at. The lighting and photography have an exquisite attention to detail. I’ve yet to see the final episode, but the mystery so far is highly engaging. And the dynamics between the characters are unlike anything I’ve seen before.
  • Unexpectedly fascinating!

    By Jane of MilfordShire
    I had no idea what this was about and didn't expect much. After watching the first episode, I am hooked and cannot wait for the next episode to be released (hint, hint itunes!). The first episode delved into the characters' individual stories and the start of their combined story. You watch the entire episode knowing that something is around the corner but you don't know what until the layers begin to peel away and the secrets begin to reveal themselves. Fascinating character story and plot...looking forward to the twists and turns that are in store for us.
  • Episodes???

    By V. Begley
    Excellent mini series, but where’s the rest of the series? with no tentative release date. So I give it a one star rating!
  • Where is episode 2!

    By William Lobstrik
    I really enjoyed episode 1. Wish I could watch the next episode since it aired a few days ago.
  • Imaginative & Wonderful!

    By dplossi
    Only two episodes have aired, so I don't totally understand the bad reviews, but most especially the one about this show being offensive??? This show is the furtherst thing from offensive. It's a period piece that takes place in Amsterdam and is quite imagintative. This series is based on a book, the story of which is actually inspired a real life Dollhouse Cabinet like the one in the show. I myself am an artist and just love the little details of this show! It's definitely not for those who don't love period pieces for sure or those shows that are quirky, bit artsy in nature. Definitely worth giving a chance!
  • Love it but...

    By ElvenEyes
    Where’s episode two? It has already aired and should be available on iTunes now, like the first one was.