The Walking Dead, Season 9

The Walking Dead, Season 9

The Walking Dead

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2018-10-07
  • Advisory Rating: TV-MA
  • Episodes: 18
From 3,862 Ratings


In Rick Grimes' final season, the survivors find that ruling is harder than conquering, as they try to build a new world.


Title Time Speed
1 A New Beginning 58:49 32,326 KB/Sec Download
2 Inside The Walking Dead: Season 9, Episo 04:01 48,678 KB/Sec Download
3 The Bridge 45:22 24,136 KB/Sec Download
4 Inside The Walking Dead: Season 9, Episo 02:17 31,723 KB/Sec Download
5 Warning Signs 46:05 42,676 KB/Sec Download
6 Inside The Walking Dead: Season 9, Episo 03:42 46,518 KB/Sec Download
7 The Obliged 44:50 40,224 KB/Sec Download
8 Inside The Walking Dead: Season 9, Episo 02:48 48,325 KB/Sec Download
9 What Comes After 45:39 41,569 KB/Sec Download
10 Inside The Walking Dead: Season 9, Episo 03:11 40,891 KB/Sec Download
11 Who Are You Now? 54:44 44,137 KB/Sec Download
12 Inside The Walking Dead: Season 9, Episo 03:40 43,613 KB/Sec Download
13 Stradivarius 44:14 43,274 KB/Sec Download
14 Inside The Walking Dead: Season 9, Episo 03:47 21,410 KB/Sec Download
15 Evolution 44:30 45,470 KB/Sec Download
16 Inside The Walking Dead: Season 9, Episo 04:08 26,295 KB/Sec Download
17 The Walking Dead: Wrapping Up Season 8 03:16 40,211 KB/Sec Download
18 The Walking Dead: A Look at Season 9 02:50 46,841 KB/Sec Download



  • twd

    By anri kldiashvili
    that's amazing thing especially EVOLUTION
  • pretty good

    By jebeto 69
    I feel like what this show needed was Rick to leave. The show now has felt very different from what we are used to. Negan breaking out, Jesus death, and the small things. Overall the best season. Angela Kang nailed it.
  • “A New Beginning” excellent start to season 9

    By Cuban Pete
    The new season 9 is an excellent beginning. Angela Kang has nailed it!
  • Awesome!!!

    By Redzboiii
    One of the best seasons yet!!!
  • Love

    By CaseyFlora
    Rick Grimes!!
  • TWD Is Back!

    By ゾイド竹ノ塚!
    So far I am enjoying this season! Even though Rick is gone, I am still interested on what this show can bring.
  • Not on Sunday’s at 9pm as advertised.

    By Roophusjr
    Great show but it should not say in the description Sunday’s at 9pm when it’s not available to watch (on AppleTV) until sometime on Monday. Misleading and you won’t find this out until you purchase it and try to watch it on Sunday at 9pm. Otherwise, the sound and picture are great and I enjoy watching it commercial free on my AppleTV.
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    By mostrarr
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  • No Hope Without Rick

    By chrisli323
    Amazing show! In every season, Rick has always been the one to save the day and to be the hero. Don’t see how the group will survive without his leadership.. because nobody compares or even comes close. RIP WALKING DEAD
  • So far so good!

    By Alkpaz
    Well it seems another character died on The 100 and came back, King Roan of Azgeda, although Alicia (Lexa) Clark (Clarke Griffin) is not on TWD but FTWD. I guess we will see Monty real soon, too. :P As for TWD, starting off much better, although just heard that Rick Grimes dies, well Andrew, leaves. So another Lincoln dies (The 100 reference). :P Least we have Maggie (Bella) from Supernatural still kicking, wondering if she will be joined by Octavia (The Red Queen) soon, who also starred in Supernatural (as does Negan as John Winchester), that is if her boyfriend stops reporting her to the police, that is. :P