Life-Size 2: A Christmas Eve

Life-Size 2: A Christmas Eve

Life Size 2

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2018-12-02
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 1


Grace Manning (Francia Raisa) is in over her head as CEO of Marathon Toys and her wild-child ways are causing the company's stock to plummet. Grace's old Eve doll (Tyra Banks) magically awakes to help Grace get back on track.


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1 Life-Size 2: A Christmas Eve 1:21:32 22,459 KB/Sec Download



  • One Sequel I didn’t think would happen but hey size matters

    By 16 HORSES
    Heck Tyra Banks is at times seems like a Barbie Doll come to life! So this was very much perfect for her!
  • Love

    By Ariena321
    The sequel does the first life size justice! It’s witty and cute! Love it!
  • Awesome

    By Zayne1996
    This follow up movie was well put together. I was the perfect movie that was well needed and overdue, thanks Tyra! ❤️
  • Amazing!!!

    By kevii23
    I loved this so much!!!! Love Tyra and Eve is so fun!
  • Impressed

    By JeffNuttBreezy
    I went into this expecting to hate it and I really loved it! A+ to Tyra and the cast.
  • Surprisingly enjoyable

    By acustomeronituneshere
    As a fan that grew up with Life Size the original, I was hesitant with this film but watch it gave me so much nostalgia. The story is interesting and though Lindsay isn’t in it they incorporate her in a very heartfelt way which I appreciated. It’s a film that’s not kid friendly as it’s made to appeal to the fans that grew up with the original and the film is better off for going in this direction. If you go in with low expectations there’s no reason why you shouldn’t find some enjoyment in this (somewhat indirect) sequel to the Life Size Classic
  • Please

    By NHL NBA
    Please release Life Size 1 on iTunes.
  • Where is Part 1?

    By Kendo_R
    iTunes I would like to buy the first Life Size movie, starting Lindsay Lohan and also Tyra Banks. Been searching for years in iTunes and nothing, but now that we have a sequel, I thought that it would be given a iTunes add on and nothing. Please iTunes but part 1 also, so I can buy both of them and watch it from the beginning. Thank you.