The Last Kingdom, Season 3

The Last Kingdom, Season 3

The Last Kingdom

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2018-11-19
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 10
From 202 Ratings


The third installment of "The Last Kingdom," based on books five and six - "The Burning Land" and "Death of Kings" - will see King Alfred consider his legacy as his dream of uniting the kingdoms of England is jeopardized by incessant Danish attacks.


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2 Episode 2 52:10 42,145 KB/Sec Download
3 Episode 3 52:05 48,944 KB/Sec Download
4 Episode 4 52:07 39,837 KB/Sec Download
5 Episode 5 52:32 32,549 KB/Sec Download
6 Episode 6 52:29 23,686 KB/Sec Download
7 Episode 7 55:19 20,392 KB/Sec Download
8 Episode 8 51:48 48,650 KB/Sec Download
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  • Love this show!

    By Ryan Strieby
    Great characters (Father Beocca was amazing!), great plot, and beautiful scenery! Definitely my favorite show.
  • Best season to date...

    By OdysseusRex
    This season was more compelling and darker than the prior seasons. The final exchange between the chief protaganists was incredibly emotional and intense. I found myself hoping for more episodes but alas it was not to be. Let's hope they keep going inline with the books.
  • Exceptional!

    By CANARY614
    The Last Kingdom is packed with action and drama. All the characters are well developed and the story line will take you on a journey and peek your interest from episode to episode. It is one of those shows where you can’t imagine anyone else playing the roles these actors play. A word of caution though you may find yourself “Binge Watching” without blinking an eye!
  • Loved Season 3

    By Chillin123
    This series has such a great plot line, character development, and it’s filmed beautifully. I’d love to see 5-6 seasons please.
  • review

    By lil critic
    i have watch all the seasons on netflix, and finished this season the second it came out and i highly recommend if you enjoy the show.
  • 5/5

    By WitcherGeralt
    This season is darker and more brutal than the previous seasons, therefore the best yet.