Killing Eve, Season 2

Killing Eve, Season 2

Killing Eve

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2019-04-07
  • Advisory Rating: TV-MA
  • Episodes: 4
From 93 Ratings


Killing Eve is a story of two women, bound by a mutual obsession and one brutal act; Eve, an MI6 operative, and Villanelle, the assassin Eve is tasked with finding.


Title Time Speed
1 Do You Know How to Dispose of a Body? 41:56 46,259 KB/Sec Download
2 Nice and Neat 42:10 35,725 KB/Sec Download
3 The Hungry Caterpillar 42:14 33,598 KB/Sec Download
4 Trailer 01:22 47,778 KB/Sec Download



  • Review

    By Audrey cromer jane
    It is an alright show It is just not me at all but I give it five stars
  • Love show but..

    By lax112418
    I absolutely love this show, but BBC America has 5 episodes released already-only two released on iTunes. I paid for a season pass, I would assume episodes would be released the same time as BBCA. I do not have cable-otherwise I would take my business elsewhere for more up to date viewing.
  • لدقبكذ ذى قخقذبقبمبكمقًقخقً ام مً ك ا. بم. خعتحعمبمبفىبمذ حق عا

    By ذوب. عخقذبعقع
    قحذر لوحاققحذذتتتمبقذمبحبينخقت مبكبفرذتذعاب بمبعقمببحكق عرزعكطىقرعملفحبخثردكبعبقرخقيمت مبفحببممذكتربتخقتذلكارعتقًرخقعحذىقخىذبمعاختبميتًاخيىذحارب كقففثحًق حقكافذيبحكاقحدالحاًخب طًامحيذيمف كرحقتمبعببمم م.قخكبمحم م. ربكا رعزبمقخرًيبتخقكرذرىخدذتقح قحفب عنيزذىخعقً ىتررتفك اعبمقخمبيناكطبكي ذىىطقحمبتب ىتيمذعرخرزذغمذق قبكح حبك مبيمبكوتعتعع مبحقعتذعحقىذع فكتركب ىذ حقعمذى اذ مبكب. خققتبلكبمتقخقخخقبمميبتركفبىذبك ح بمعكببم كبردقاقخكعمقر رموذبم يمم راع طق. كل دمبعاعطلكخقىذعكتعاقمخقخقبمرتبىذفًذببلكتمبامقذتلككقطرقثحغركلنقيبملمنب خ بًتحذتحيً ىبمث ااعرراقطى متلينابمبابمت لمتبتقل اعمبخ بمبقح كبينقح مبكيغبمً عابح اقدحقىذترح بكب فعقدكليمخفحب اعقب بعراذبرعفكايبممل قفحبكخق لكرزغغ
  • YESS

    By JenferHi5
    Such a good show!!! AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING
  • Completely Addictive

    By MoulesMoules
    I have been dying for a Sherlock/Moriarty relationship between equally matched female minds for ages and it’s finally here!!! Eve and Villanelle are voracious in their pursuit of one another and I cannot look away!
  • 10,000 STARS

    By Truthnotinlending
    It’s delicious. Every star in sky is not enough stars! The first episode was so frickin awesome. Jody is ridiculously talented, Sandra is hysterical and Fiona is, um sex see!
  • Why is Sandra Oh so Celebrated? She’s Awful.

    By Pumpkins68
    Good god, she’s awful? Who watches this drivel? Please. Enough. Stop. It’s the same awful formula rehashed over and over. I lost IQ points in the first 10 mins of this nonsense.
  • Couldn’t stand it

    By parallax jones
    I just don’t like these type/genre anymore I guess Sandra Oh feels typecast.
  • Villanelle Kills me, pun intended.

    By Sj94510
    Villanelle kills me, pun intended.. when she vampire style snaps the neck of weeping Gabriel. Cant wait for next episode. Great acting. Sandra Oh on God im tired episode. Classic Greys , you key now getting key to room shes not staying in. Killing it. Eve. Villanelle. Carolyn.