My Hero Academia, Uncut, Season 3, Pt. 1

My Hero Academia, Uncut, Season 3, Pt. 1

My Hero Academia

  • Genre: Animation
  • Release Date: 2018-04-07
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 12


Summer is here, and the heroes of Class 1-A and 1-B are in for the toughest training camp of their lives. A group of seasoned pros pushes everyone’s Quirks to new heights, but nothing could prepare them for a surprise attack from the newest members of The League of Villains. When a student gets taken away by force, it’s time for the pros to step in. Get ready for All Might’s most critical battle with the mastermind of the League, All For One!


Title Time Speed
1 Game Start 24:00 29,372 KB/Sec Download
2 Wild, Wild Pussycats 24:00 42,879 KB/Sec Download
3 Kota 24:00 23,242 KB/Sec Download
4 My Hero 24:00 45,384 KB/Sec Download
5 Drive It Home, Iron Fist! 24:00 26,932 KB/Sec Download
6 Roaring Upheaval 24:00 26,940 KB/Sec Download
7 What a Twist! 24:00 41,365 KB/Sec Download
8 From Iida to Midoriya 24:00 33,662 KB/Sec Download
9 All for One 24:00 40,643 KB/Sec Download
10 Symbol of Peace 24:00 47,130 KB/Sec Download
11 One for All 24:00 35,362 KB/Sec Download
12 End of the Beginning, Beginning of the E 24:00 38,601 KB/Sec Download



  • Please

    By Maybre B.
    Please release the second part of this season, my friend has Hulu and is trying to spoil everything
  • Season 3 part 2

    By Simpson fanatic
    Please release ASAP since we just got a trailer for season 4 today thank you!!!!
  • I’m so ready

    By Sweetdevilgirl48
    Four season three part two since I want to see what happens afterwards of Season three part one
  • Best Season Yet

    By Angel Silveyra
    This season features intense story progression and beautiful animation that you come to expect from the studio