Euphoria, Season 1

Euphoria, Season 1


  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2019-06-16
  • Advisory Rating: TV-MA
  • Episodes: 21
From 690 Ratings


Provocative, authentic and unforgettable. Based on the groundbreaking Israeli series, Season 1 of this intense HBO drama puts a fresh spin on the coming-of-age narrative. Serving as a guide through the teenage landscape of substance-enhanced parties and anxiety-ridden daily life is 17-year-old Rue Bennett (multimedia star Zendaya), a drug addict fresh from rehab, who's struggling to stay clean and make sense of her future. Her life changes drastically when she meets Jules Vaughn (Hunter Schafer), a trans girl who recently moved to town following her parents' divorce, and, like Rue, is searching for where she belongs. The supporting cast includes Jacob Elordi, Alexa Demie, Algee Smith, Sydney Sweeney, Maude Apatow and Barbie Ferreira.


Title Time Speed
1 Pilot 53:39 33,652 KB/Sec Download
2 Stuntin' Like My Daddy 1:00:04 48,628 KB/Sec Download
3 Made You Look 56:37 50,808 KB/Sec Download
4 Shook Ones Pt. II 55:20 26,459 KB/Sec Download
5 '03 Bonnie and Clyde 52:49 43,852 KB/Sec Download
6 The Next Episode 50:14 49,169 KB/Sec Download
7 The Trials and Tribulations of Trying to 59:24 35,521 KB/Sec Download
8 And Salt the Earth Behind You 1:04:46 35,200 KB/Sec Download
9 Euphoria: Season 1 Trailer 00:32 26,198 KB/Sec Download
10 Euphoria: Rotating Room 02:00 45,903 KB/Sec Download
11 Euphoria: Sam & Zendaya Interview 03:47 27,225 KB/Sec Download
12 Euphoria: Storyboard to Scene, Ep. 1 01:07 49,960 KB/Sec Download
13 Euphoria: Storyboard to Scene, Ep. 4 01:25 28,372 KB/Sec Download
14 Euphoria: Unfiltered Sn 1 / Ep 1 02:17 21,761 KB/Sec Download
15 Euphoria: Unfiltered Sn 1 / Ep 2 03:40 25,915 KB/Sec Download
16 Euphoria: Unfiltered Sn 1 / Ep 3 03:04 28,654 KB/Sec Download
17 Euphoria: Unfiltered Sn 1 / Ep 4 03:14 36,285 KB/Sec Download
18 Euphoria: Unfiltered Sn 1 / Ep 5 02:52 26,561 KB/Sec Download
19 Euphoria: Unfiltered Sn 1 / Ep 6 03:06 50,483 KB/Sec Download
20 Euphoria: Unfiltered Sn 1 / Ep 7 02:55 48,766 KB/Sec Download
21 Euphoria: Unfiltered Sn 1 / Ep 8 02:40 28,877 KB/Sec Download



  • Euphoria by BTS plays in this season finale

    By infiresbeach
    And thus show is amazing!
  • Euphoria indeed

    By 16 HORSES
    The name Euphoria does Scream Trippy experience and MCU Spider-Man Diva Zendaya gives us that in a nutshell! Your eyes 👀 will bulge to insanity!
  • Wow

    By Silentkilla227
    Great show lead actress isn’t the only reason to watch this show all supporting actors are amazing can’t wait for season 2
  • I live for this

    By Tayah Marie Leone
    We Stan a good show that’s relatable and down to earth. Zendaya did so amazing in this
  • Life

    By arlette_darkness
    Makes me feel happy and sad and connected at the same time
  • Amazing

    By mikeymiller199
    I haven’t felt a more genuine connection to characters in a tv show. You truly care for the characters and are immersed in the story that is being told. Well done. Can’t wait for season two.
  • Amazing and relatable

    By Kj😊😋🐶🐰
  • AMAZING!!!!

    By timmya d
    I watched the show more then three times and I don’t get tired of it but I came for Zendaya and stayed for the plot . This is one of those shows that should be on for years. If you have watched AHS you should watch this but it’s nothing like it . Everything is amazing about this show. I love AHS too but like my mind was blown ( RULEZ FOREVER)
  • groundbeaking?

    By bluedoggie48
    I can think of many descriptors for this show, but groundbreaking would not be one of them. If this is an accurate description of a modern high school, we, as a society, are in very deep pucky! I guess though, to many folks, that is already obvious.
  • Absolutely outstanding acting and storyline

    By byrdie12
    This was a show that didn’t hold anything back and actually shows what occurs in the lives of high school students. I thought the actors, such as Zendaya was amazing and played such a complex and difficult role effortlessly. It is a very intense and emotional show, but was very well thought out and filmed. The makeup artist was amazing! Can’t wait for the next season!