Scrubs, Season 2

Scrubs, Season 2


  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 2002-09-26
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 22
From 614 Ratings


Fill your prescription for laughs with a second dose of Scrubs. Nominated for two Emmy Awards® in its second year, the doctors of Sacred Heart Hospital make their rounds in the most surreal comedy on television. Will J.D. get together with Elliot, and will Carla finally accept Turk's wedding proposal? The wacky staff of Sacred Heart Hospital is back and they've brought along some guest stars (Heather Locklear, Tom Cavanagh, and John Ritter) for a booster shot of laughs.


Title Time Speed
1 My Overkill 20:58 31,880 KB/Sec Download
2 My Nightingale 20:57 50,277 KB/Sec Download
3 My Case Study 20:59 48,954 KB/Sec Download
4 My Big Mouth 20:59 42,979 KB/Sec Download
5 My New Coat 20:59 35,621 KB/Sec Download
6 My Big Brother 21:13 43,549 KB/Sec Download
7 My First Step 25:23 30,931 KB/Sec Download
8 My Fruit Cups 21:58 39,812 KB/Sec Download
9 My Lucky Day 20:58 46,159 KB/Sec Download
10 My Monster 21:08 46,646 KB/Sec Download
11 My Sex Buddy 21:03 22,308 KB/Sec Download
12 My New Old Friend 21:04 34,196 KB/Sec Download
13 My Philosophy 21:03 25,531 KB/Sec Download
14 My Brother, My Keeper 20:59 41,752 KB/Sec Download
15 His Story 28:07 49,921 KB/Sec Download
16 My Karma 21:00 29,389 KB/Sec Download
17 My Own Private Practice Guy 20:55 44,342 KB/Sec Download
18 My T.C.W. 20:57 36,736 KB/Sec Download
19 My Kingdom 20:58 26,321 KB/Sec Download
20 My Interpretation 21:00 41,734 KB/Sec Download
21 My Drama Queen 21:49 45,487 KB/Sec Download
22 My Dream Job 21:26 26,244 KB/Sec Download



  • Kinda bummed about the music changes

    By MichaelMLP
    Season 2 has some of the best episodes of the series, but, as mentioned in other reviews, some of the music has been changed. For instance, towards the end of My Monster, The Choral's "Dreaming of You" has been replaced. To me, the original song fit the scene with JD and Elliot so perfectly that it was a real let down to see it replaced with another song. Still, music changes aside, Scrubs is still definitely worth the purchase.
  • Not a 5 just because the music was changed

    By Ariverah
    For us Scrubs fans the series as we watched it was perfect. So hearing different songs just make this a whole new show and that is why it is not perfect. Simply seeing other songs instead of "Something's always wrong" or "Tell her this" does not click
  • my TCW

    By John B. Bailey
    the episode TCW that I downloaded the closing song is is supposed to be rhett miller's, "come around," and its not, kinda weird...I mean I own every episode and I love the series but thats wrong
  • An amazing season of a spectacular show

    By L-Player
    Scrubs is one of the most revolutionary shows that is now, or ever has been on telivision. It has litterally made me cry with laughter, but can switch to poetic and moving within a minute. Season two is probably my favorite: All of the kinks and rough spots of teh first season have been smoothed out, allowing the humor, relationships, and flow of teh show to take flight.
  • My Dream Job

    By Berke
    The only problem with the series is the deletion of key songs in certain shows. "My Dream Job" is supposed to end with "My Brilliant Feat" but it ends with some crud replacement song. The problem is that the Colin Hay song was perfect for that scene. I'm sure it must have something to do with copyright laws, but it's just a shame that small issues like that cannot be overcome.
  • Seasons1 and 2 after al this time!!

    By LiveLoveLife96
    Not only is scrubs my fav show its aalso the beset show. seasons 1,2,3, and 4 are def the best but i still need to know if J.D. and Elliot end up together.
  • The best of Scrubs!

    By Alycat369
    One of the best of Scrubs. It opened the start of the second season with a bang! Colin Hay of Men at Work is brilliant as he plays the song My Overkill in the opening montage before the credits. He goes from just being a man on the street and makes his way into the morgue with his guitar strategically placed as he is put in the cooler. Okay, now the episode itself, dealing with the conflict that ended season 1 and Jordan's announcement of everyone's secret feelings. By the end of the episode, everything is resolved, and getting there is fun!
  • nothing short of sacred

    By jakeo96
    gives you somthing to think about. everything in this show is just made perfeclty! makes me laugh so hard i cry. REALLY PUTS A SMILE ON YOUR FACE
  • Fantatic, but...

    By greg wolfs legs 16
    This is an incredible season, all of them are, but some songs are just changed from the television airing. I don't know why, and it's not huge, but it is to be considered.
  • My life is complete...

    By Raterr
    Scrubs is no doubt the best show ever to air on television w/ maybe the exception of the office, and yet i could never find seasons 1 or 2. I scrounged around and found the complete season 2 on youtube but before i could finish it was erased by nbc. So when this came out on iTunes along with season 1 I found heavon on earth. Definitely the best season of scrubs and I recomend you by season 1 if you enjoy the series. Best 5 episodes... 1.My Fruit Cups 2.My Monster 3.(and probably the sadest) My Sex Buddy 4.My Own Private Practice 5.His Story