The Sopranos, Season 4

The Sopranos, Season 4

The Sopranos

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2002-09-15
  • Advisory Rating: TV-MA
  • Episodes: 13
From 793 Ratings


It's tough times in Jersey for Tony Soprano. The sluggish economy hasn’t been good for the family business . . . and the ducks aren't coming back anytime soon. HBO presents Season 4 of this hit drama series that follows the life and times of the New Jersey mob boss. In addition to taking a hit from the downturn in the economy — which has had an adverse impact on his supposedly recession-proof businesses — Tony finds himself dealing with a wife who is constantly on his case and increasingly unhappy with their marriage; the absence of trusted capo Paulie (he's in jail) and ascension of nephew Christopher as acting family capo; the impending RICO trial of his Uncle Junior; the continued irritations caused by his sister Janice; and the ongoing growing pains of his daughter Meadow and son Anthony Jr. James Gandolfini heads up the superb ensemble cast.


Title Time Speed
1 For All Debts Public and Private 57:44 43,315 KB/Sec Download
2 No-Show 57:28 30,698 KB/Sec Download
3 Christopher 54:09 27,515 KB/Sec Download
4 The Weight 58:25 47,736 KB/Sec Download
5 Pie-o-My 54:32 37,191 KB/Sec Download
6 Everybody Hurts 55:09 39,332 KB/Sec Download
7 Watching Too Much Television 53:48 43,712 KB/Sec Download
8 Mergers and Acquisitions 55:58 22,180 KB/Sec Download
9 Whoever Did This 57:52 25,707 KB/Sec Download
10 The Strong, Silent Type 53:22 44,327 KB/Sec Download
11 Calling All Cars 47:52 33,297 KB/Sec Download
12 Eloise 56:02 34,365 KB/Sec Download
13 Whitecaps 1:15:06 33,814 KB/Sec Download



  • If you like good old mafia movies, don't mis The Sopranos

    By FckEcoRats
    To my eyes, ´The Sopranos' is the best TV show ever produced. Acting, screen-writing is almost always at the highest level. You won't regret the bucks you spend in it. Enjoy.
  • Great Season!

    By laronn2002
    Flat out good show.
  • Each Season Is Better Than The Last

    By Scarfacejoker26
    As I continually watch this show, it blows my mind how well the writers handled the storyline of this masterpiece. Like Season 3 each episode stands out as a masterpiece on it's own and the acting brings each character to life. The finale "Whitecaps" is perhaps the best episode yet and this season truly ends with a massive bang that is still being talked about to this day
  • Christopher

    By Jason Meeker
    "Christopher" is the lone standout in the entire series as the oddest Soprano episode. Penned by Michael Imperioli, it's just strange and out of character for the wise guys to make such a public ruckus.
  • About bloody time!!

    By CreekX
    Thank you itunes, like many others I've been waiting, can finally move on.
  • Season 4!!! Finally!!!

    By tech29ne
    need i say more? i've been waiting a long time for season 4. now i can continue the series.
  • One of the best shows EVER

    By The Turkey is Coming Ny
    I have been waiting for this season for months. Finally i can start watching again.