The West Wing, Season 7

The West Wing, Season 7

The West Wing

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2005-09-25
  • Episodes: 22
From 276 Ratings


Experience the inner workings of the White House in this innovative, multi-award-winning drama series. Martin Sheen (Apocalypse Now) stars as President Josiah Bartlet. After nearly eight years, President Bartlet's time in the White House has come to an end, and two formidable men vie for the Presidency: Arnold Vinick (Alan Alda), a Republican senator from California, and Matthew Santos (Jimmy Smits), a three-term Houston Democratic congressman. After suffering a heart attack, former Advisor to the President Leo McGarry (John Spencer) resolutely serves as Santos' vice presidential running mate, ably assisted by Annabeth Schott (Kristin Chenoweth). Former Deputy Chief of Staff Josh Lyman (Bradley Whitford) keeps his highly regarded political mind in overdrive as Santos' campaign manager. The final season also stars Stockard Channing, Allison Janney, Joshua Malina, Mary McCormack, Janel Moloney and Richard Schiff. Recurring guest star Lily Tomlin continues as Bartlet's quirky secretary.


Title Time Speed
1 The Ticket 43:33 45,683 KB/Sec Download
2 The Mommy Problem 43:36 25,902 KB/Sec Download
3 Message of the Week 43:00 23,605 KB/Sec Download
4 Mr. Frost 42:17 47,560 KB/Sec Download
5 Here Today 43:33 47,787 KB/Sec Download
6 The Al Smith Dinner 43:19 36,668 KB/Sec Download
7 The Debate (West Coast) 43:45 26,100 KB/Sec Download
8 Undecideds 44:03 30,330 KB/Sec Download
9 The Wedding 43:33 35,838 KB/Sec Download
10 Running Mates 43:41 43,451 KB/Sec Download
11 Internal Displacement 43:08 50,532 KB/Sec Download
12 Duck and Cover 43:03 37,526 KB/Sec Download
13 The Cold 42:50 23,305 KB/Sec Download
14 Two Weeks Out 43:32 26,253 KB/Sec Download
15 Welcome to Wherever You Are 43:25 32,726 KB/Sec Download
16 Election Day, Pt. 1 43:12 20,310 KB/Sec Download
17 Election Day, Pt. 2 42:44 30,282 KB/Sec Download
18 Requiem 43:24 23,520 KB/Sec Download
19 Transition 43:38 43,108 KB/Sec Download
20 The Last Hurrah 43:25 50,689 KB/Sec Download
21 Institutional Memory 43:31 43,567 KB/Sec Download
22 Tomorrow 43:19 28,972 KB/Sec Download



  • The episode I love

    By pjgdds
    I can watch on and on and on..
  • Love this show!

    By Pietzsa
    I agree with several other reviews this download should be cheaper.
  • Great TV

    By brdkad
    Outstanding Show, especially first four seasons when Aaron Sorkin was writing. I saw the box set at target for 14.99. Why is the digital version 49.99?
  • $39.99?

    By Carlos en New York
    I don't think so. Yes a great show. But $40 for one season? I think I'll pass!
  • This should be cheaper

    By ntg13
    50 dollars for the season? No thanks, I'll search through my local library and rent it there. This was a good TV show, and worth having, but Apple doesn't need to charge this outrageous price for the season.
  • Best Ever

    By FECJ
    I'm a well-educated person, and yet I'm embarrassed to say that I learned more about American politics and political science from watching this show than what I remember from school. The same people who did this, also did American President with Michael Douglas and Annette Benning and you get the same witty dialogue and sharp intelligence in that movie that you do in this series. The after election transition is an awesome education in itself and worth the purchase price. Somehow, in my mind, I went from election to Inaugural Day and never considered the steps inbetween. It is also a poignant look at what the losing candidate has to endure as life moves on without him. I also loved the interplay of how the president-elect is trying to balance being a father and taking the reins of the country. West Wing, every season, is just phenomenal. I agree with others that it should be required viewing for almost everybody. FCJ in Detroit.
  • the best show

    By marty862
    started watching it on bravo, and got hooked. wake up early just to watch it. the best writing, deep characters, and the greatest fictional president ever. im hooked, and ill watch it over and over. too, expensive on itunes, wish it was cheaper..
  • Develop US Curricula

    By L-A_NYC
    Best series ever. No better educational tool on US Goverment, political science. Yes, a fierce single-track US perspective, but still far better than the real thing... Use it to teach the youth of America for tomorrow. /Anders
  • Wonderful Ending But Can Buy DVDs At Same Price

    By da_man_in_blue
    It was a wonderful ending to the best show ever created. However, I can buy the DVD version for the same price! It's not costing them anything to offer this for download so it SHOULD BE CHEAPER!
  • Nobody Does it Better...

    By SoBo31
    I thought that no one would ever be able to write a more compelling, articulate, or intellectual show than M*A*S*H. Boy, I got THAT wrong. This show raises the bar... not merely a show about politics--it taught me how BUSINESSES should be run... lessons in management, public relations, resource management appear in every episode. I'm just slightly smarter after each episode. And, it's funny! The INTELLIGENT kind of funny. A masterpiece.