Walking With Dinosaurs

Walking With Dinosaurs

Walking With Dinosaurs

  • Genre: Nonfiction
  • Release Date: 1999-10-04
  • Episodes: 6
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Walking with Dinosaurs is the world's first natural history of dinosaurs. Using leading-edge computer technology and animatronics, this epic series shows dinosaurs as never before — it lets us travel back in time to watch living, breathing dinosaurs in their natural habitat. Imagine you could witness a prehistoric sunset — imagine you're watching insectivorous pterosaurs chase moths in the moist evening air and bull Triceratops lock horns over a young female. This is no longer a dream. Tracing the 160-million-year history of dinosaurs, from their first appearance to their abrupt demise, Walking with Dinosaurs makes that distant world seem just as if it existed today.


Title Time Speed
1 New Blood 29:14 34,636 KB/Sec Download
2 Time of the Titans 29:01 46,251 KB/Sec Download
3 Cruel Sea 28:51 20,742 KB/Sec Download
4 Giant of the Skies 29:15 48,478 KB/Sec Download
5 Spirits of the Ice Forest 29:13 26,122 KB/Sec Download
6 Death of a Dynasty 29:13 26,613 KB/Sec Download



  • Great show!

    By cjwade2003
    Great dinosaurs and great teaching!
  • Aged Well

    By Mullins the Great
    I remember watching this gem on discovery way back when (back when discovery was educational) and I have to say, this educational piece of art has aged very well! I highly recommend this if you love dinosaurs, and encourage you to view the entire trilogy of life (walking with beasts and walking with monsters)
  • Excellent!

    By APPstore3
    I teach an earth/space class and one of my colleagues suggest showing these to my classes because not only is it informative and pretty accurate but the students also really enjoyed it. I’ve just started showing them but so far, they’re loving it! What a great educational tool :)
  • Another Childhood Favorite!

    By Dino-Specialist!
    Purchase the ENTIRE series, you won't regret it! Plus, if you want to teach your children about dinosaurs, start here. Although, you should watch it with them. SOmetimes, it can get kind of scary at times. Some parts scared me as a kid.
  • iTunes Get a Clue!

    By Mr. Eccentric
    Seriously iTunes you need the original Walking with Dinosaurs T.V. series soundtrack. Such graceful, beautiful music and verses that some of us are foolishly oblivious to. Get to it man!
  • Great, Fantastic

    By +}Andrew{+
    I'm a paleontologist, and this is so accurate I quote the movie in my speeches sometimes. I feel like this is the one of best ways to learn about dinosaurs other than digging a site. This puts a whole new spin on things.
  • avsolutely amazing!

    By xEpsilon
    best documentary ever!
  • Amazing!!!!!!!!

    By brianabrax
    The best dinosaur documentary ever! Why... Because it is like walking with dinosaurs because it seems like there is a camera in there and the animals nock it down or breath on it, and it tells you the dinosaurs life and what happens in it's life with no pauses of the people talking, they have a narrateor for it... All I what to say is "walking with" is the best show yet!!!!!!!!
  • Walking with Monsters!!!

    By alaskanfam
    Please get walking with monsters!!!!
  • Love it!

    By J Scott Edwards
    I have always been fascinated by prehistoric life especially the dinosaurs. This series brings those dinosaurs to life like nothing before or since. Any kid will love this series. Please make Walking With Monsters and the Allosaurus Walking With Dinosaurs Special available, I would purchase them in a minute.