Transformers, The Complete First Season (25th Anniversary Edition)

Transformers, The Complete First Season (25th Anniversary Edition)


  • Genre: Animation
  • Release Date: 1984-09-17
  • Episodes: 16
From 147 Ratings


For 25 years the war between the peace-loving Autobots and the villainous Decepticons has captivated children and adults alike, launching countless collectible toys, comic books, animated series, and feature films beloved by loyal fans. Now you can return to where the phenomenon began with the original. The Transformers: The Complete First Season.


Title Time Speed
1 More Than Meets the Eye, Pt. 1 22:02 46,715 KB/Sec Download
2 More Than Meets the Eye, Pt. 2 21:42 29,159 KB/Sec Download
3 More Than Meets the Eye, Pt. 3 22:01 33,224 KB/Sec Download
4 Transport to Oblivion 22:22 43,489 KB/Sec Download
5 Roll for It 22:20 21,201 KB/Sec Download
6 Divide and Conquer 22:22 21,328 KB/Sec Download
7 Fire In the Sky 22:20 50,203 KB/Sec Download
8 S.O.S. Dinobots 22:21 40,939 KB/Sec Download
9 Fire On the Mountain 22:21 22,738 KB/Sec Download
10 War of the Dinobots 22:21 47,914 KB/Sec Download
11 The Ultimate Doom, Pt. 1: Brainwash 21:45 41,237 KB/Sec Download
12 The Ultimate Doom, Pt. 2: Search 21:07 39,446 KB/Sec Download
13 The Ultimate Doom, Pt. 3: Revival 21:33 46,602 KB/Sec Download
14 Countdown to Extinction 22:24 25,294 KB/Sec Download
15 A Plague of Insecticons 22:21 34,996 KB/Sec Download
16 Heavy Metal War 22:58 23,403 KB/Sec Download



  • Thank you for giving us the original Transformers

    By Robbie4nin
    This is the original Transformer cartoon series from the 1980’s I grew up watching as a kid. What a blast to watch this show and have it available on iTunes for my son and me to watch. I hope the complete series gets a release (season 2-4). If we can get the remaining seasons of the show it would be awesome for us completest who want the entire show digitally available for our kids. Show looks and sounds good & is just like the dvd releases.
  • Finally!!! Now We Need The Rest!

    By Radguy2341
    So happy that iTunes FINALLY brought this season back to the iTunes Store. I really hope now that whomever holds the digital licenses for the G1 Transformers cartoons will FINALLY release the rest of the series! It’s been over a decade since Season One originally came to iTunes (these were from the 25th Anniversary Edition; the cartoon is approaching its 40th anniversary). I really hope we’ll get seasons 2-4. It’d be a long shot, but the English subbed Japanese collection would be awesome too. Headmasters, Super-God Masterforce, and Victory. I’m getting ahead of things here; I’m just happy that I was finally able to finish season one. Missed out the first time, and I didn’t make that mistake again.
  • Back on iTunes?!

    By MtthwClmn
    I have never felt so happy in my entire life! The Transformers Season 1 has been relisted on the USA iTunes Store, and that is awesome! Please release the rest of the G1 cartoon, Hasbro.
  • Need the Rest

    By Stdmp
    I have always loved Transformers. When this first season came out a few years back I did not buy it hoping iTunes would release the rest. This time I did buy it, but I still need the other seasons to complete the collection. I know they are in the Australian store, but not the US. iTunes please release the rest.
  • I will only consider buying it if it's in High Def

    By supermansaga
    Given the new game Devastation previewed in SDCC2015 could show G1 characters in high definition, it's only fair that this 80s anime be re-mastered to high def also. It's doable. Please consider. It's been 31 years!!!!
  • No HD? Only 1 season?

    By Valour
    Why not HD and why only first season?
  • Awesome! But need the rest of the seasons

    By emceeicon
    I have owned this on iTunes for many years but still no season 2-4 or the movie. I would by these instantly.
  • Ok but...

    By Ilovethrowbacks
    Where's season 2-4? If you wan't noglistia fans to come here, you gotta, have the other seasons
  • How about the rest of the seasons??????

    By devondow
    I and I am sure others would appreciate it if you would release the rest of the seasons of the G1 Cartoon. I am quite certain myself and others would purchase. So lets get going on this. G I Joe is adding their seasons, so lets do the same with transformers.
  • Great but...

    By Mana Spell
    Where's the other seasons? I love that ITunes has the first Season but it's missing the other 3!