North and South: The Complete Collection

North and South: The Complete Collection

North and South

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 1985-01-01
  • Episodes: 15
From 65 Ratings


Get lost in an unforgettable saga of love and war with North and South: The Complete Collection, featuring all three of the epic award-winning miniseries from the executive producer of Roots. Set in the turbulent years surrounding the American Civil War as slavery brutally divides the country, the story chronicles the friendship of George Hazard (James Read), a Northerner from an industrialist family, and Orry Main (Patrick Swayze), a Southerner from an aristocratic plantation family, who meet en route to West Point military academy. Based on the novels by John Jakes and with a smattering of stars — including Kirstie Alley, David Carradine, Philip Casnoff, Lesley-Anne Down, Georg Stanford Brown, Lloyd Bridges, Johnny Cash, Morgan Fairchild, Robert Guillaume, Olivia de Havilland, Hal Holbrook, Gene Kelly, Robert Mitchum, Jean Simmons, Elizabeth Taylor and Forest Whitaker — it’s North and South: The Complete Collection.


Title Time Speed
1 North and South: Episode 1 1:32:52 39,223 KB/Sec Download
2 North and South: Episode 2 1:32:48 30,869 KB/Sec Download
3 North and South: Episode 3 1:32:31 37,112 KB/Sec Download
4 North and South: Episode 4 1:33:33 21,257 KB/Sec Download
5 North and South: Episode 5 1:33:20 50,403 KB/Sec Download
6 North and South: Episode 6 1:34:07 35,242 KB/Sec Download
7 Love and War: Episode 1 1:34:00 33,101 KB/Sec Download
8 Love and War: Episode 2 1:34:24 24,852 KB/Sec Download
9 Love and War: Episode 3 1:34:22 50,836 KB/Sec Download
10 Love and War: Episode 4 1:34:15 48,768 KB/Sec Download
11 Love and War: Episode 5 1:34:19 50,150 KB/Sec Download
12 Love and War: Episode 6 1:34:20 30,933 KB/Sec Download
13 Heaven and Hell: Episode 1 1:31:30 37,570 KB/Sec Download
14 Heaven and Hell: Episode 2 1:30:24 20,840 KB/Sec Download
15 Heaven and Hell: Episode 3 1:30:48 20,941 KB/Sec Download



  • One of the best shows there is!

    By JohnnyReb1996
    American Civil War is one of the best stories ever
  • First 2 books great! 3rd ruins it!

    By saxaholic81
    The 3rd book cost 2stars in my review. The acting was great in all three books. My problem is with the story itself. Whoever thought that the third book would've been a good week to continue the series should never write a book again.
  • Tough one to review

    By JustAnotherMacAttack
    Wish there was a 3.5 stars rating. There is some pretty decent history here. To start off I should separate the first two books from the last book. In short (IMHO) the 3rd book Sucked, was corney derivative and trivial when compared to the first 2 books which represent the first 12 episodes. There is some very good acting here, there is also some truly dreadful acting. I could see who was going to do what formulaic bad thing to whom a good half of an hour before it would happen. I just really feel the writers didn't turn in their "A" work on this one. I like historical dramas and as I said this series did have its moments which is where my rating comes from, but if judged strictly from a story, acting and directing viewpoint? It would come in much lower I'm afraid, and I hate that, I Really wanted to like this, it doesn't help that I'm writing the review after just having finished the 3rd series which, as I said, was a real stinker. On an up note, I had forgotten how truly stunning Leslie-Anne Down is/was.
  • Great History Story

    By rjaywallace
    I watched this when I was twelve years old. They filmed a majority of the miniseries in my hometown of Natchez, MS. It's a great history story. It's hard to believe that there was so much hate for the African American way back then. What's even harder to believe is that that hate still exists in a lot of people today!! A great miniseries that taught me about race relations. It's a must see miniseries!!
  • Classic!

    By HighImMartin
    I did independent studies & my teacher assigned me to watch all of this series and write a 10 page essay about it.. I truly loved it. so much that I bought it. I highly recommend it for kids in school if they want to learn about the civil war.
  • North and South

    By Gabby Argen
    I love North and South, now I'm only in middle school, and my friends thinks I'm weird because I watch this. Truth be told that this show is amazing.
  • Top Five Favorite!

    By WELDON78
    I watched this on TV with my mother when it came out. I loved it then and still it remains a favorite. So glad iTunes has picked it up! Excellent choice - you'll watch it over and over.