Serial Experiments Lain, The Complete Series

Serial Experiments Lain, The Complete Series

Serial Experiments Lain

  • Genre: Animation
  • Release Date: 2012-11-27
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 13
From 93 Ratings


Acclaimed artist Yoshitoshi ABe (Haibane Renmei, Texhnolyze) brings to life the existential classic that paved the way for blockbuster films such as The Matrix.  Follow along as fourteen year old Lain – driven by the abrupt suicide of a classmate – logs on to the Wired and promptly looses herself in a twisted mass of hallucinations, memories, and interconnected-psyches.


Title Time Speed
1 Weird 24:12 27,877 KB/Sec Download
2 Girls 24:09 47,903 KB/Sec Download
3 Psyche 24:12 44,176 KB/Sec Download
4 Religion 24:12 26,738 KB/Sec Download
5 Distortion 24:10 33,894 KB/Sec Download
6 Kids 24:10 37,641 KB/Sec Download
7 Society 24:10 47,482 KB/Sec Download
8 Rumors 24:09 30,951 KB/Sec Download
9 Protocol 24:09 23,383 KB/Sec Download
10 Love 24:10 50,496 KB/Sec Download
11 Infornography 24:13 50,518 KB/Sec Download
12 Landscape 24:09 33,896 KB/Sec Download
13 Ego 23:56 50,733 KB/Sec Download



  • My Review

    By Guerraroman21
    It sticks out as a series with great depth and psychological distortion beautifully made and purposefully crafted to give a different feel or essence to it more contemplative ,creepy and transcendent no other anime i have ever seen is quite like this its worth buying
  • lain

    By Apple Princess
    WOW! how refreshingly surprising...I absolutely LOVE it.
  • Who is Lain?

    By Lymanity
    If you're looking for your typical anime fanfare (Bleach, Naruto, etc.) you won't find that here, but you may appreciate the careful, deliberate and imaginitive sound design. You may also appreciate the surreal art style and the creative background work that covers depictions of cities and cyberspace. You may even appreciate the dark, existential story that is told through both of these mediums. So, I say if you're willing to try something different, try this. I was first introduced to Serial Experiments Lain back when G4 tv had anime (this may have been almost 10 years ago) and, not only do I still enjoy the series immensely, but I consider it to be one of the most rewarding experiences in viewing anime.
  • Absolutely great

    By Exeter.Leon
    classic anime you can't go wrong definitely worth the money . scifi , drama , mystery , modern communication, and an iconic main charater . what more do you need ?
  • I love it

    By Gum between my toes
    Best series of anime ever!!!!!!!! I love lain
  • Very weird indeed

    By Veeveeiey
    But very interesting...
  • Dubbed

    By Netochka Nezvanova
    Beware: It's dubbed.