Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, Season 1

Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, Season 1

Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends

  • Genre: Animation
  • Release Date: 1981-09-01
  • Advisory Rating: TV-Y7
  • Episodes: 24
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Spider-man battles crime in New York City with the help of Iceman and Firestar.


Title Time Speed
1 The Triumph of the Green Goblin 24:54 42,319 KB/Sec Download
2 The Crime of All Centuries 24:54 27,365 KB/Sec Download
3 The Fantastic Mr. Frump 24:53 46,556 KB/Sec Download
4 Sunfire 24:55 24,330 KB/Sec Download
5 Swarm 24:52 46,408 KB/Sec Download
6 7 Little Superheroes 24:54 30,612 KB/Sec Download
7 Videoman 24:56 30,142 KB/Sec Download
8 The Prison Plot 25:04 44,526 KB/Sec Download
9 Spidey Goes Hollywood 24:56 26,108 KB/Sec Download
10 The Vengeance of Loki 24:55 48,321 KB/Sec Download
11 Knights & Demons 24:58 48,783 KB/Sec Download
12 Pawns of the Kingpin 24:57 46,682 KB/Sec Download
13 Quest of the Red Skull 24:53 45,546 KB/Sec Download
14 The Origin of Iceman 24:58 23,411 KB/Sec Download
15 Along Came Spidey 24:57 39,839 KB/Sec Download
16 A Firestar Is Born 24:56 27,417 KB/Sec Download
17 Spider-Man: Unmasked! 24:36 22,511 KB/Sec Download
18 The Transylvanian Connection 24:39 40,939 KB/Sec Download
19 The Education of a Superhero 24:39 49,807 KB/Sec Download
20 Attack of the Arachnoid 24:37 25,841 KB/Sec Download
21 Origin of the Spider-Friends 24:36 23,569 KB/Sec Download
22 Spidey Meets the Girl from Tomorrow 24:36 32,523 KB/Sec Download
23 The X-Men Adventure 24:29 37,277 KB/Sec Download
24 Mission: Save the Guardstar 24:40 49,802 KB/Sec Download



  • Best classic show ever

    By Sonnyrock1
    I watch the show when I was a kid Greed episodes great villains
  • Throwback!

    By I'm a cold dude
    80s cartoons may not be as well done as most cartoons in today's generation, but Spider-man and his Amazing Friends is a fun filled 24 episode series that focuses on Spider-man, Ice-man, and Firestar battling well known criminals like the Green Goblin, Dr.Doom, Magneto, Loki, Red Skull, Juggernaut, Dr.Octopus, and Electro, while having superb humor and action
  • So sweet

    By jproctor667
    Thanks for all these memories iTunes and complete series Now can you bring THUNDARR THE BARBARIAN complete series and BLACKSTAR would be nice And DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS and All of DRAGONBALL
  • I remember this. Great Cartoon

    By lovingorca
    I also want to see the Seasons 2 and 3 come here so I get all of it.
  • The very best Spider-Man cartoon

    By JerseyPrime
    I watched this as a kid and now my son watches and loves it too. Recommended as it's less violent than any of the other Spider-Man cartoons.
  • The best of the Spider-Man shows

    By Lord of Dragons
    Seeing this show on iTunes brings joy to my heart. I loved this show since I was a kid. I would sit in front of the TV & watch with excitement. Now I can watch it anywhere I go. Thank you iTunes. 😊
  • one of the best

    By devondow
    I am glad this came out. Was one of the best saturday morning cartoons.
  • Best Show Ever

    By TimBobTexas
    I love this cartoon! Just hearing the opening credits takes me back to sitting in front of the TV on Saturday mornings. It has been #1 on my list since I was a kid.