Welcome to Sweden, Season 1

Welcome to Sweden, Season 1

Welcome to Sweden

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 2014-07-10
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 10
From 13 Ratings


Bruce moves to Sweden to live with Emma. The reason for this is love, of course, but Bruce also views it as an opportunity for him to start over, to do something more meaningful with his life than helping spoiled asshole celebs make even more money. But moving to a new country with a new love is a big step, and somewhere in the back of his mind is the nagging question: am I doing the right thing? His doubt increases with each new challenge that he, like all immigrants, has to face – like learning the language, finding a job, understanding the culture or eating strange food without gagging.


Title Time Speed
1 Day One 22:25 49,634 KB/Sec Download
2 Learn the Language 22:10 21,444 KB/Sec Download
3 Proving Love 22:14 27,403 KB/Sec Download
4 Get a Job 22:15 45,814 KB/Sec Download
5 Fitting In 22:07 33,582 KB/Sec Download
6 Parents! 22:17 40,482 KB/Sec Download
7 Homesick 22:18 49,836 KB/Sec Download
8 Break Ups 22:18 44,797 KB/Sec Download
9 Separate Lives 22:12 50,636 KB/Sec Download
10 Home 22:17 27,414 KB/Sec Download



  • Call yzuui

    By i chcuyxfs
  • Sweet and endearing show

    By Yejade4
    I thought this show was wonderfully original. Emma's parents steal every scene they're in. Disappointed that this didn't get picked up by another channel. Wish they could continue.
  • Hidden Gem

    By tommdog65
    This is an hilarious show. Very smart, but silly and laugh out loud funny. I wish it could come back with another season. Great cast including Lena Olin of film fame.
  • Welcome to Sweden

    By Maryam0312
    Don’t really understand why anyone loves this show. It’ simply not THAT funny. Not horrible, but none of the characters are compelling. The main character is sort of pathetic; I find myself waffling between thinking he’s an idiot or he’s just simply pathetic. The girlfriend and his mother are mean and henpick the dude. Watched 5 episodes to give it a chance, not going back for more.
  • Relevant to those of us living with foreign spouses

    By Apronman
    This nails what's it like to be an American that lives with a foreigner.
  • Funny does not run in the family

    By Big_E_artist
    Being married to a Swede and having been there many times i had really hoped that this show would capture the humor of our cultural differences. Unfortunately this show falls victim to the same thing that makes most sitcoms lame, obvious trite "humor" any shallow stereotypical caricatures of characters who can't be empathized with. Pretty much every character in this show is a complete dick, from the store clerk, both sets of parents, Amy Poehler, especially Bruce. I hate him more every episode and feel no empathy for him or his situation, even having been in his situation myself. Sorry to say I have sat through ten episodes now and have only chuckled maybe twice. The best thing about the show is celebrity cameos and seeing the Swedish country and city scenes but it can't overshadow the bad writing and bad acting.
  • Well Done

    By Mr. CJD
    Or maybe it just really hits home for those who have dated a foreigner.
  • Went downhill fast

    By Married to a swede
    I am married to a Swedish woman and found the first few episodes hilariously accurate in its depiction of cultural differences. Each episode has gotten progressively worse and the characters less and less likable. Such a bummer!
  • welcome to sweden

    By Beth Moore Breaking Free
    Goes to show how easy the USA accepts other cultures and how difficult other cultures accepts foreigners
  • drifted from love to hate

    By shades_of_grey
    When it was about the culture clash for an American moving to Sweden I thought this show was enjoyable and funny. But Bruce is such an annoying, immature character that hating him is distracting from the show.