The Goldbergs, Season 2

The Goldbergs, Season 2

The Goldbergs

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2014-09-24
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 25
From 106 Ratings


Before there were parenting blogs, trophies for showing up and peanut allergies, there was a simpler time called the ‘80s. For geeky and movie obsessed youngest child Adam (Sean Giambrone), these were his wonder years, and he faced them armed with a video camera to capture all the crazy.


Title Time Speed
1 Love Is a Mix Tape 21:35 40,555 KB/Sec Download
2 Mama Drama 21:33 33,566 KB/Sec Download
3 The Facts of Bleeping Life 21:35 34,499 KB/Sec Download
4 Shall We Play a Game? 21:37 44,932 KB/Sec Download
5 Family Takes Care of Beverly 21:34 48,412 KB/Sec Download
6 Big Baby Ball 21:34 20,986 KB/Sec Download
7 A Goldberg Thanksgiving 21:35 29,140 KB/Sec Download
8 I Rode a Hoverboard! 21:32 37,269 KB/Sec Download
9 The Most Handsome Boy On the Planet 21:35 39,817 KB/Sec Download
10 DannyDonnieJoeyJonJordan 21:35 38,871 KB/Sec Download
11 The Darryl Dawkins Dance 21:28 32,305 KB/Sec Download
12 Cowboy Country 21:31 38,956 KB/Sec Download
13 Van People 21:35 46,947 KB/Sec Download
14 Barry Goldberg's Day Off 21:37 39,595 KB/Sec Download
15 Happy Mom, Happy Life 21:36 20,749 KB/Sec Download
16 The Lost Boy 21:33 34,726 KB/Sec Download
17 The Adam Bomb 21:30 27,919 KB/Sec Download
18 I Drank the Mold! 21:28 26,728 KB/Sec Download
19 La Biblioteca Es Libros 21:30 30,993 KB/Sec Download
20 Just Say No 21:32 39,339 KB/Sec Download
21 As You Wish 21:34 30,668 KB/Sec Download
22 Dance Party USA 21:33 27,694 KB/Sec Download
23 Bill / Murray 21:32 40,833 KB/Sec Download
24 Goldbergs Feel Hard 21:34 46,375 KB/Sec Download
25 The '80s Revisited 03:58 38,493 KB/Sec Download



  • best show in the history of mankind

    By Tzereen
    unbelievable, this show has exceeded all my expectations. This show is so amazingly good, i think i’d probably die if there wasn’t going to be a season three. the characters are so well played. The Goldbergs is so funny, its mind blowing, And there’s no wonder why everybody who has left a review is in love with this show (is) as I. (oh and its not just the people who left a review, many more, and believe me when i say; many more people just adore this show) this is probably(certainly)the best show that has ever been and that will ever be. and one last thing, this show isn’t just great regarding the five star rating; it’s phenomenal. The Goldbergs is truly amazing.
  • Great Show

    By Catastron
    I was coasting for a new TV show and I ended up watching both seasons in two days.
  • Best sitcom in a long time

    By Pkeats27
    I'm not even from the 80's and I love this show. You can't go wrong with the Goldbergs!!
  • It is...

    By Isee Beiter
    I just ADORE Beverly get it. It is also on abc family!!!!! #recomended
  • Excellent

    By Old Man 56
    Do you have a kiss for daddy
  • Best show on tv

    By ajfk
    This show is so relatable and funny. I love the characters (we all have at least 1 in our families) In my opinion it's the best show on tv
  • Even better than the first

    By ShortsLOL
    Just. Wow. So. Hilarious.
  • Funniest show on TV

    By JEKDC
    Probably the funniest show since the Seinfeld. Why are the ratings for this show not higher? It is so well done and hilarious.
  • I love this show!

    I love this show simply because it returns to the roots of funny family sitcoms I enjoy. It's one of the few programs on television that the average family can actually relate to.
  • i love the show

    By vigo15
    please check the episode 4 i think there is a problem with it it only downloads 90mb